BAGS. Definitely a Love/Hate relationship for most of us. How small? How big? Do I get a backpack style so I have one bag that can carry everything? Or do I go a briefcase style for my work things and something smaller for my essentials? Instead of a bigger bag, should I try to fine-tune what I THINK I need every day? (the answer to that one is No, I promise you!).

What kind of strap or handle do I want? Over-the-shoulder, cross-body, handles, all of the above? How many pockets do I need? Zipper compartments? Outside or inside? And, most importantly of all, what colour? Do I go for a statement or something that will work with everything? AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGH!!!

At FOOL we feel your dilemma and we have all the answers. We stock a select but fabulous range of MAD RABBIT, KICKING TIGER bags and backpacks that will cater for your every carrying need. 

MRKT is an LA-based label established in 2010 by Harvard-trained architect Tom Pen. All the products are inspired by modern architectural concepts, with structure, function and material innovation as their guides. The name represents the label's two driving forces: the MAD RABBIT, an unyielding inner creative energy, and the KICKING TIGER, the kinetic release of creative impulse into tangible form. 

Fresh on our shelves, we have MRKT's Ted Weekender, Carter Backpack, Kendrick Backpack, Stanley Backpack, Kel Briefcase, Soren Shoulder Bag and Kris Sling Bag, in various colours and ranging between $90 and $185. Stylish, practical, tough, incredibly well-priced and even environmentally responsible! What more could you ask for! 



We LOVE this bag. We call it the FOOL HANDBAG. It is the perfect hands-free handbag that is completely adjustable and sits snugly across your back, balancing the load. An external zip pocket holds keys and phone and anything else you need fast access to, and features an internal pocket for whatever else you don't want rattling around. In a chic charcoal grey, the KRIS has a sleek, pod-like design, is the size of a standard handbag and is ADORABLE. 


"Coming to FOOL is like coming home" - Vermillion Maude