At FOOL we encourage our customers to subvert the so-called "rules" of conventional wisdom whenever possible. We think that it's far more fun to be FOOLish than wise. 

So when it comes to colour and pattern, we advise you to CLASH IT! This can be a process of trial and error, but that's half the fun and if you confine this process to our shop and your boudoir, no one will be the wiser! Here are a few thoughts that may help you achieve that magic "Got it" moment. 

Colour is so subjective - we all see something different - so it's really a case of throwing things together and seeing what "pops" for you. One trick to creating harmony amongst several bold colours, is to employ the "collar and cuffs" principal. 

For example, at FOOL you can marry your orange, red, green, yellow hand-painted LOU tights with an Emerald Rib Knit Skirt, a black and white Wild Lung Print Top and an Orange Wool Pea Coat with white stitching. A pair of Picasso Head earrings mirrors the bold colour combo of the tights and completes this gorgeous pastiche of colour. If this sounds a bit hairy, we're here to help and we will ALWAYS be honest with you.

Essentially, it's pretty safe to mix-match as many patterns and prints as you like, as long as you have at least one dominant colour in common that binds them all together. At FOOL we make experimenting this way easy for you by colour-blocking our garments on the racks. 

We're all about fashion anarchy at FOOL. Rules about what you should wear and how and when are often perverse, discriminating and controlling. For those of us who are passionate about clothes, fashion is a treasured form of self-expression and celebration of individuality. 

This is why at FOOL, whilst always ready to guide and suggest, we encourage our customers to use their FOOL pieces to create their own look. We like to think that FOOL provides a safe place for them to experiment a little, maybe take that first step to incorporating bold colour into their wardrobe or trying something a little different to their customary style. We take such pleasure in seeing our customers blossom and become more courageous and assured in their garment choices, often reacting to the positive feedback from those around them. 




We currently have a fantastic selection of these one-off hand-painted tights, knee-high stocking socks and even a few stocking anklets. Bold splashes, swirls, geometrics and abstracts all feature in various colour combos. A perfect way to add colour to a dark ensemble or simply crank the colour feast up another notch. JUST GORGEOUS. Numbers are limited, so don't dally! 



"This place is like heaven!" - Meredith