According to the calendar Summer is now HERE, so we’re closeting our scepticism and taking a leap of faith. Summer clothes from now on!

The thing that really makes FOOL’s Summer range stand out from the maddening crowd (apart from its colour palette, that is…and of course, overall total fabulousness), is that it incorporates an always highly-anticipated line of 100% Cotton Knitwear. Soft, light as a feather, you can almost feel it breathing against your skin. Forget the rest, cotton knitwear is the coolest and most comfortable textile to wear in the heat of Summer. When it is manifested in tops and dresses of exquisite fit, playful patterns and colours that instantly take you on a holiday, you really can’t go past them.

These are investment pieces that will last and give you pleasure for many years to come. They can also be worn in the cooler months as a layer over other garments. When layered with other fabrics, cotton is an excellent insulator, so effectively cotton knits can be worn all year round. How good is that!

Currently in-store we have Cotton Knit Cowl Tops, Striped Pullovers and Fool Face Pullovers. Also just arrived are our Cotton Knit Singlet Dresses, which already have my heart stuttering. Our cotton knits come in Bright, Dark and Black and White for the classicists amongst us. Truly, Madly, Deeply GORGEOUS.

FOOL FANCY of the Week


Simply the Best, as Tina would say. With a snugly fitted bodice with perfectly placed straps to cover your other straps, this dress hangs elegantly from bust-line to mid-calf. Soft against your skin, this dress doesn’t cling but rather discreetly moves with you. The colours are in perfect harmony and perfect discord, for those who live in the sun or prefer the shade. I can’t praise these dresses enough! Bright are in-store now and the other colourways are on their way. Partner them with a Cotton Knit Cowl Top or Cotton Knit Pullover to cover every possible weather kink.

 Kathryn x

Customer Quote of the Week

“This place always makes me smile.” Sarah from Canberra

For pics of our customers decked out in FOOL fabulousness, please go to  fool118 on Instagram