So OK, it’s now time to fully embrace denial. It’s SPRING!!! And SPRING comes just before SUMMER, so we’re gonna “re-imagine” the weather so that it’s actually warm, whilst not freezing to death for the sake of fashion. So let’s thumb our noses at the weather, get on with it, and wear our summer dresses, tops and tees over our long-sleeve tops, tights and leggings and create yet another fabulous chapter in the Survivors’ Book of Layering. After all, layering is what we FOOLS do best!

Just in, brand new print tops based on our truly excellent high-necked tee. Extended short sleeves not only beautifully cover those tricksy upper arms, but also lend a certain panache that allows them to transition brilliantly from work to play. Available in the following motifs: pink Pudge Face on orange; Picasso Face in luscious citrus combo on black; Red Spiderweb; Blue Spiderweb; Diamond Delight on cobalt blue; and FOOL’s nod to Pop Art Cartoonery in bright primaries. These fabulous tops illustrate the designer’s uncanny ability to blend colours into new and irresistible palettes that will light up your world. They give a splash of flash and fun to anything you pair them with, and look great with everything. Get into them!

Also in-store now are our Happy/Sad Face Tees. A great fun basic 100% cotton option, these tees in Emerald, Turquoise, Orange, Red and Black have contrasting FOOL FACE decals, with Happy Face on the front and Sad Face on the back. Our tongue-firmly-in-cheek version of wearable emojis, these are a fantastic low-priced, colourful option for Christmas pressies and come in a full range of sizes that will fit most women and men. Fashion as Communication. Just don’t make yourself dizzy if, like me, you experience rapid mood swings!

FOOL FANCY of the Week


Turquoise and green, pink and orange are the colour themes for our latest Doodad and Fandango earrings. In addition to more gorgeous Picasso Head earrings, you must check out our new Square Stripe Fool Face earrings that bewitchingly echo Howard Arkley’s iconic paintings. Little, bright and beautiful works-of-art for your ears, these hand-made creations are the biz.

Kathryn X

Customer Quote of the Week

No one does colour like FOOL! - Trudy

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